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Torana Tough – History Holden Torana 1967 – 1980


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From its humble beginning as a 1.1 litre, 4-cylinder HB Vauxhall Viva. through to the awesome 5.0 litre V8 A9X variant, Holden’s Torana was one of the most unique cars produced by General Motors anywhere in the world.

This hard cover book written by legend Norm Darwin containes 296 full colour glossy pages on everything you ever needed to know about the Torana from technical info to colour charts, race history, dealer options, factory options, and marketing information. For example, did you know that a popular colour in the 1972 LJ Torana range for all DeLuxe models was called “March the 17th”, and that you could order a Sadlon Roebuck interior in Turquoise Mist?

There’s even detailed sections on Project RD022, the LJ GTR XU-1 V8, the legendary Torana GTR-X, the TT34 Concept Torana, and the Torana Recaro Mystere; all of which could have changed the face of Australian motoring if they had of been released.

So hurry and get yours before they’re all gone!

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