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Model Scales

TRAX 1/43 Scale Diecast

Most Trax models are diecast in 1/43 scale, approximately 11cm in length. This popular scale allows Trax to produce a wide range of Aussie model cars at an affordable price. Each new Trax 1/43 scale release is a limited edition. Only a specific quantity of each model, in a particular colour scheme is produced.

TRAX Superscale Diecast

Trax Superscale models are in a class of their own. These precision engineered 1/24 scale (approximately 20cm in length) diecast models are unrivalled for accuracy and intricate detail, inside and out. Reserved for Aussie cars which have attained a legendary status, each Limited Edition Superscale model is assembled from over 150 individual parts and hand finished to exacting specifications. Real working features include steering, suspension and opening doors, boot and bonnet. Even the tyres are genuine rubber.

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