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Leyland OPD2 Double Decker Bus with Air Door ? Tempe Depot (Route 422)


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Classic Sydney Double Decker with nostalgic advertising messages

The 59-seat Leyland double deckers used by the New South Wales Department of Transport and Tramways during the late 1940s saw service until the 1970s.

This latest release features Tempe Depot on the destination board. Tempe Depot was converted from a tram depot to a bus depot in September 1957 and operated until January 1992. Tempe Depot has also been the home of the Sydney Bus Museum since 1986.

This latest Trux release is a must-have for collectors with memorable, original advertising messages from Kolotex, ‘Vincents’ and Cinzano. Make sure you order early to avoid missing out on this very nostalgic release!

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