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BC021 Birthday Club Model 2021 – Overseas

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($77.27 ex-GST)

BC021 Birthday Club Model 2021 ? 1960 FB Holden Wagon Standard, Overseas

Scale: 1:43 Diecast
Colour: Seagull Grey

Over 5 years we have been offering our Birthday Club model. Each year it has grown in popularity.

This year we are excited to offer a Diecast 1:43 scale 1960 FB Holden Wagon Standard . This little beauty will be a great addition to your collection.

We also can help you send this model as gift for someone special (after giving the office four weeks notice) or as a gift to yourself for your special day.

This model comes with Happy Birthday deco, and will be delivered during your birthday month.

* Birthday club runs from JULY 2021 to June 2022.
* Birthday club membership is $85 per year or $80 if you join the 2021 Trax Club as well.

* ** Please provide Date of Birth so we can send the model on time.

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