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1988 Denning Double Decker Coach – Gray Line


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Our first Denning Double Decker Coach

In the 1980s Denning invested some $1.5 million to develop a double decker coach that would be best suited to Australia’s rugged operating conditions. The Denning offered coach operators high capacity loading, panoramic viewing and an optional driver’s bunk and change area. Today the double decker coach is still used extensively throughout Australia for sightseeing tours, although interstate express travel dropped off significantly with the introduction of low cost airline travel.

This debut release features the bold livery of the famous Gray Line model, which can still be seen in operation today. Gray Line Australia is a long established, Australian owned premium sightseeing company associated with Gray Line Worldwide. Hurry worldwide release quantity is just 2000 models.

This outstanding Trux Denning Double Decker release features:

?Finely detailed driver’s console

?Accurately angled top front window and windscreen

?Tinted side windows

?That great icon of Aussie motoring: the bullbar

?The distinctive big blue and red stripes of the Gray Line livery

?The Aussie flag is proudly displayed

Considerable interest in this model is also expected from international collectors, so hurry, because just 2000 units of this milestone Denning release have been produced.

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