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1980 Denning Mono Coach – Kirklands


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The Trux Denning Mono Coach includes two new features for our Kirklands release.

The Denning was arguably the most popular touring coach in Australia throughout the eighties and beyond, being used extensively by private fleets for touring and express services throughout the country.

Kirkland Bros have been running services in northern NSW since the 1930s and at their peak in the 1970s were reportedly taking over 5,000,000 people per year to their destinations.As one of the largest coach fleets in Australia it is fitting that Trux now recaptures their livery for inclusion in your Denning collection.

This latest Denning includes a replica of the front bull bar, which would have been a rude awakening for many kangaroos on their overnight services.True to the original coach, this Trux model also includes the two external stacks.These protruded vertically to comply with new pollution requirements at the time.Like all Trux Denning releases this latest release will not last long, so order yours today.

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