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1979 XD Falcon Sedan – Oxford Blue/ Light Grey interior


($20.91 ex-GST)

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Out of stock item. Please check with UR Trading International website for stock availability.


Brand New XD Falcon is launched.

The XD, with an all-new body shape, was smaller than the previous XC, but offered the same interior space. It was also lighter, quicker and more economical. The XD became an instant success and laid the foundation for Falcon’s soon to be number one position in the Australian market. Trax has recaptured the early XD Falcons which feature the engine capacity badge on the front fender. (From July 1980 the XD sixes were fitted with alloy heads and carried alloy head badges, regardless of the engine size.) These brand new XD Sedans are beautifully finished in the ever-so-seventies colours of Burnt Orange and Oxford Blue. First time model car releases are always highly sought after, so order both now, while stocks last.

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