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1978 MERCEDES BENZ MARK II – Ryde Depot (Route 510)


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The long awaited Mercedes Benz Mark II has arrived…….

The Mercedes Benz Mark II bus 0305 chassis is arguably the best government bus to run in NSW.It was certainly the most popular, with 550 being commissioned during its tenure.Whilst the Mark I was the first in the series, the Mark II is credited with bringing NSW Public Transport in line with world trends. The 510 to Ryde Depot is one of the few bus trips in Sydney to start and finish at a bus depot.The trip from Ryde Depot via Gladesville and Drummoyne to Circular Quay crosses four bridges, then returns the same way to Ryde Depot.The brand new Trux release is astonishingly real-to-life, with fine detailing through.

Order your Mercedes Benz Mark II today, so you don’t miss out!

Trux Model Car

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