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1977 Chrysler CL Drifter Panel Van


($131.82 ex-GST)

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The long awaited Drifter has Arrived! Following on from the recent release of the Chrysler Royal API, we are very happy to present the next model in this series being the 1977 Chrysler CL ‘Drifter’ Panel Van in Impact Orange. Many panel vans became works of art both internally and externally, and turning the outside into a mobile mural while the inside became just like home with a TV, bar and the obligatory bed, became an entire hobby unto itself. Whilst the Drifter was released at the end of the commercial sports van era, the Drifter today is still one of the rarest sights on our Aussie roads with only 500 Drifter vans produced between 1977 and 1978. Just like the Select Series predecessors, the Chrysler Drifter will be affixed to a sturdy, see-through base, allowing for complete viewing of the great detail on the model without having to remove it. A clear, lock on cover will come with moving wheels, highly detailed interior and undercarriage modelled from a real vehicle, not pictures. In keeping with the theme of the Select Series, the CL Chrysler Drifter will never be made again, so now is the time to order this once in a lifetime Limited Edition Numbered Model. Hurry, order book closes at 4.00pm on Monday 19 August 2013. Note – Price includes postage,handling and signature service to Australian shoppers. New Zealand/South Pacific + $17.50 Rest of the World + $23.50 Postage charges increase from 5 August 2013.

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