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1971 HQ Holden Kingswood Sedan – Salamanca Red/Black interior


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In ‘Kingswood Country’, the nostalgic Aussie TV comedy, Ted Bullpit is absolutely passionate about his Kingswood. At a time when most families had just one precious car, Ted would blurt out “No, not the Kingswood” whenever a family member asked to borrow it. The Kingswood was a genuine status symbol for the working man and by far the most popular was the breakthrough HQ, which stayed in production for three years. The Trax Opal Series HQ Kingswood has captured all the hallmarks of this famous working man’s car – with the traditional bench seats, column shift and the aerial. (The radio was an optional extra in ’71.) Open the front doors and you’ll discover a detailed dash and seat belts on the pillars! Press down gently on this model and see how the suspension actually works. These Opal Series HQ Kingswoods are ever so collectable, in sensational Seventies colours and strictly limited in number. Both Salamanca Red and Royal Purple editions are available right now for immediate delivery – order yours today while stocks last.

1:43 scale model car

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