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1971 Holden LC Torana GTR XU-1 – Plum Dinger


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It was the introduction of the modified six cylinder GTR XU-1 with triple Stromberg carburettors that changed Holdens’s direction in motor racing.After the success of the Monaros in the sixties, the high powered, yet more nimble XU-1 proved a worthy contender to the much larger Falcons GT-HOs in the early seventies.The improved 1971 GTR XU-1 also dominated a number of rally events in Australia.

Now, nine years after the last Trax LC GTR XU-1 release, you have the opportunity to add one of the most striking original colours of this iconic Torana: Plum Dinger!Order yours now so you don’t miss out!

1:43 Scale Model Car

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