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1970 Sydney Leyland Atlantean-Coogee Beach (Route 372)


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1970 Sydney Leyland Atlantean-Public Transport Commission NSW-Coogee Beach (Route 372)

In the late sixties a decision was taken to replace Sydney’s ageing government bus fleet with the Leyland Atlantean. These Atlanteans were the first new double decker buses since 1953. They featured numerous innovations that allowed for efficient loading and off-loading of passengers, as well as improved seating capacities. Although designed to be operated by a driver only, the Sydney Atlantean was also manned by a conductor. The government had vowed to force one man operation from their single deck buses to the double deckers, but after many strikes, the longest lasting 28 days, the union won the day and two man operations of the Atlantean continued. This debut release of the Sydney Atlantean is strictly limited to just 2800 units and is finished in the original NSW government colours of Mandarin Blue and Ivory, with Blue interior. MO1111 was a regular on Route 372 to Coogee Beach via Cleveland Street. You’ll need to order early to secure a model for your collection.

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