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1966 XR Falcon 500 Sedan – Velvet Green Metallic


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XR FALCON 500 SEDAN – Velvet Green Metallic.

The XR Falcon was the first of a completely new, bigger and bolder body shape and the range also introduced V8 engines and disc brakes.The new Sedan was marketed as a ‘Mustang Bred Falcon’ and the styling was certainly eye-catching, with a relatively longer bonnet, shorter rear end and a distinctive kick-up at the back of the rear doors.

After an absence of 10 years, the Trax XR Falcon model car returns in it’s most popular original colour: Velvet Green Metallic.This new release also introduces multiple improvements over earlier Trax XR Falcon models, ensuring it is more accurate to the shape and detailing of the full-size Falcons from 1966.

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