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1962 R & S Series Valiant – 50th Anniversary Gold Twin Set


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In January 1962 Chrysler Australia took a bold step away from the ‘Australian Production’ series that had competed with Ford and Holden for the previous five years and introduced the R Series Valiant.Based on the Plymouth Valiant from the US, the dramatically styled R Series Valiant was an immediate success with the 1000 or so cars available selling out fast.The Valiant boasted more power and more features than it’s two major rivals.

Seeing they were on a winner, Chrysler quickly went ahead with local assembly of the more modernised S Series.Styling changes included the removal of the fake tyre moulding on the boot, a finer grille and round tail lights.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of these pioneering Valiants, Trax is proud to offer a strictly limited edition twin set, featuring our first gold-plated Valiant models, beautifully displayed in a stylish presentation box featuring original B & W photographs.

Available in late July 2012.

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