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1955 Jack Murray REDEX


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1955 Jack Murray Red X Car.

Code: TRR58
Scale: 1:43 Resin Model Car
Color: Grey

1955 Jack Murray Red X Car.

This car competed and could have won the 1955 Red X trial.

Unfortunately it was listed as a non-finisher because Jack Murray did not check in at the final control point in Sydney. By not checking in the officials ruled that he officially withdrew from the trial.

The reason why Jack Murray did not check in, was because he believed that he did not have a chance of winning the rally after being ‘ bogged’ in Canberra for over four hours. He decided only then that he would continue on home instead of finishing the trial.

He was quoted to say “I did not know they were going to scrub that last horror stretch”. “We were bogged for over four hours. I did not go straight home in a fit of pique. I went home because I thought we did not have a chance.” (Source – Central QLD Herald 22.9.1955)

It was not until the provisional points list was issued after the trial, that Jack Murray realised he would have won the trial if he had made that final check in.

This beautifully detailed model comes with all its racing sponsors that were present as it raced the 10,500 miles (16,900km) over 22 days around Australia.

This is a magnificent piece of racing history to add to your collection.

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