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1953 FJ Taxi – Yellow Cab Co


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During the 1950s FJ sedan became the backbone of taxi fleets across Australia. Operating in most major capital cities was the famous Yellow Cab Company with its standout paint scheme, making for the perfect 1:24 scale diecast replica.

This FJ Special carries many of the genuine NASCO accessories used to improve the comfort level of taxis of the era. However, with the addition of more parts this release can be considered a genuine cab model.

A peek inside reveals the sparkling chrome ‘grab rail’, running along the top of the front seat, providing extra security for back seat passengers during those heady, pre seat belt days. Mounted on the dash is a replica of an original taxi meter in brushed silver, complete with the wording of the day.

Atop of the meter sits the red ‘For Hire’ sign, from an arm that the cabbie would manoeuvre up or down at the start and end of each new fare. This sign looks so true-to-life through the front windscreen.

A capped production run of just 2800 units will ensure the collectability of this truly unique model for generations to come, so could you please avoid the disappointment of missing out and order this prized collector’s model today. Pay just $46.25 per month using our convenient, interest-free monthly instalments on your credit card.

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