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1952 48-215 FX Holden Sedan Black/ Red seats and trim


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1952 48-215 Holden “FX”Sedan returns in the most requested colour scheme of the first Holden

Built tough and offering good performance, reliability and economy, demand for the first Holden was astounding! In 1948 a modest 112 Holdens were produced – by 1952 Holden sales reached 32,000 for the year.

Of all the colours to be offered on the first Holden sedan only one was available for the entire life of the 48-215 model and that was black. Red was the popular seat and trim colour and provided the perfect contrast to the shiny black body.

Now, Trax brings you just our third release of the first Holden in perfect 1:24 scale, beautifully hand crafted and assembled. Open all four doors to reveal a lavishly appointed interior including: accurately textured red seats and red door linings, chrome door handles and window winders. Even the foot pedals are perfectly scaled and positioned. Turn the steering wheel and see how the front wheels turn. Press down lightly on the body of the car: the suspension actually works!

Black is our most requested colour for this iconic Holden and with a limited production of only 1600 units, you’ll need to order fast.

(Credit card customers may take advantage of our interest-free monthly payment option – only $40.00 per month over four months.) Superscale models are delivered by Signature Service to Australian customers.

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