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1946 Chevrolet Ute – Cream


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1946 Chevrolet 15 cwt Ute – “Aussie Build”, Coolangatta Cream

In 1945, at the end of world war2, the USA resumed motor vehicle production and soon most yank cars were more streamlined with the old running boards in behind the body doors. Australia was slower to restart motor vehicle production and the Chevrolet ute of ’46 was an example of taking a US style and building it differently.

Unlike US versions of this Ute, the Aussie model had the rear load portion built into the overall body to give better rigidity and a smoother look. Not a great number were built but those that were, served well, carrying good loads and providing an upmarket ride for the driver and passenger.

Whether in the kitchen on tea and coffee canisters, or used on the trim colours of homes, in 1946, Green and Cream were key colour elements. The 46 Chev Ute truly represents this post war era.

The Model is made only to order. Orders absolutely close at 4pm Friday May 8th 2015 and no stock will be held by Top Gear after release.

Normal Price: $159. Trax Club member’s price: $149.

PS: Credit card customers please note: as these model cars are individually numbered and made to order, your card will be charged with a deposit of $75.00 per model with the balance payable on despatch.

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