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Updated 30/01/2017    

2019 BIRTHDAY CLUB Model - Bronze Code BC19

Availability: July
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BC19 Birthday Club Model 2019 - XW Falcon Ute Lustre Bronze.

Scale 1:43 Diecast

Colour: Lustre Bronze

For over 4 years we have been offering our Birthday Club car. Each year it has grown in popularity.

This year we are excited to offer a DIECAST 1:43 scale XW Falcon Ute. This little beauty will be  a great addition to your collection.

We also can help you send this model as gift for someone special (after giving the office four weeeks notice) or as a gift to yourself for your special day.

This model comes with Happy Birthday deco, and will be delivered during your birthday month.

Birthday Club runs from JULY 2019 to June 2020. Birthday club membership is $65 per year or $60 if you joinn the 2019 Trax Club as well.

* **Please provide Date of Birth, so we can send the model on time.



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