Chevy 210 in Glacier Blue & Shoreline Beige, Austin 1800 MKII Ute and Laser TX3 arrived.

The last of our T118 Catalogue stock has hit the warehouse floor just in time for Christmas..

A random selection of models were taken from the boxes and inspected.

We are so pleased with the final products and we are sure you will be too.
The much awaited  Chevy 210 (TSS24/24B) in Glacier Blue has been the standout favorite by all the staff in the office today, and the Shoreline Beige is just as stunning.
It was  followed closely by the Compact TX3 Ford Laser (TRR69/69B), we are sure you will be just as happy as we are with its detail.
The Austin 1800 MKII Ute (TRR64/64B) in Red and Green are a sight to behold.

 The warehouse crew  are run off their feet getting your models packed and shipped out to you.

TSS24-5 TSS24 TSS24B-2 Laser w2 Laser R1 64R3 64R1 64G1