Ford Falcon GT-F, John Bowe “Target 300”


This is an exclusive release for the Diecast model expo, 10-11th November 2018.
–  This resin model will be retailed for $149.95. Expo price will be $140.00.
–  Limited run 500pcs.
–  With an extensive amount of decals on the model, it has been fully approved by John Bowe.
–  We will donate the No.1 model for the Morcombe Foundation Charity auction.

Ford Falcon GT-F, John Bowe “Target 300”

In August 1971, a famous picture for a magazine was taken over the shoulder of a driver piloting the Ford XY GTHO phase III flat out down the Hume, achieving a speed of around 227km/h. At the time, the highest speed in an Australian produced car.

Forty three years later,  Ford’s final and Australia’s last true muscle car the Ford Performance Vehicle’s GTF, was chosen in order to replicate that historic flat out feat. It was considered by many a fitting send off to Ford Australia’s legendary GT range. The target for 2014 was 300km/h with the last Aussie built muscle car driven by Australian motorsport legend, touring car champion and multiple Bathurst winner, John Bowe.

Support was given by many including the Northern Territory government, police, ambulance and fire crews. The use of a closed straight section of the Stuart Highway in the Red Centre set the stage for the historic run.

The standard FPV GTF had a top speed limited to 255km/h, but had the limiters removed and heavy- duty tailshaft fitted. The car with its powerful, refined, supercharged 5 litre V8 engine developing over 351kw from factory, was considered more than capable to make the target top speed of 300km/h flat out!

After a couple of runs, John Bowe and the GTF came very close to achieving the target of 300km/h. The speed achieved was still an Australian production car record, breaking 297km/h. It was considered a great achievement as conditions were never favourable for such a high speed run.

We at Trax are proud to announce the release of this Australian record breaking production car in 1/43rd scale. The model is hand finished and detailed second to none. Fine detailing can be seen inside and out, even down to all the sponsorship logos placed all over the car. This superbly built limited run model  will also be individually numbered. Making it a true collectors item.

So be quick to order or you will miss out on this record breaking car and the last true Australian muscle car to wear the GT badge.